In this post we will delve in to the depths of our human condition of Victim and Perpetrator. In our News for the Soul radiocast episode of Self-Healing by Ashley Lee Healing, we discuss how victim and perpetrator are of the same energy or frequency, just two opposite sides of the same coin. Listen in to learn how to transform these energies running in the background of your life and transcend this state of awareness, for good!

This radiocast is part of a series on how to heal yourself. Ashley Lee shares all kinds of ways to shorten the duration of your healing journey so check the website here at News for the Soul and listen to all the shows when you have time, so you don’t miss a “self-empowerment tool” that could be in your toolbox.

The Brain Integration Institute was founded to educate people about how to heal themselves and the world around them. We have created advanced energy healing tools for empowering people because we find that when people release the emotional, mental and spiritual root causes, the nervous system works better with the brain. When the brain and nervous system are best friends, everything works better and feels in the body!

DISCLAIMER: Before we get started here, in no way are we standing in judgements about victims and perpetrators. There is a full spectrum of victimization and its associated pain. We can all agree that for the sake of a very simple blog post or radiocast that these definitions that we are sharing are broad stroke definitions. What we are discussing here is the healing protocol for releasing these energies in our lives, in our families and in the broader sense humanity.

Victims and Perpetrators

Victims and Perpetrators have a specific frequency…a low frequency.

We like to say that perpetrators and victims are two sides of the same coin. If a perpetrator pushes a victim hard enough, the victim might turn around and make a victim out of the perpetrator. So what creates this?

Defining Perpetrators

All of us have it in us to be both victim and perpetrator. The spectrum for expression is huge. Perpetrators can simply be rude or bossy to someone or, as an extreme example, take someone’s life or many lives.

Perpetrators take advantage or manipulate others –they take rather than give. They are into Power, Control and Greed. If we take gangs for example, we can see how perpetrators are naturally drawn to this mentality. It’s stealing from others.

In extreme examples of levels of perpetrators:

Rape = stealing the body without permission.

Murder = stealing life without permission.

Theft = stealing money and possessions without permission.

Gangs = “like hangs with like” and seeks Power over others, commonly exhibiting a hive or herd mentality.

Psychic, Spiritual, Mental or Emotional Attacks = stealing someone’s Sovereignty without their permission –or perhaps they steal it because victims are unsure of how to stand in their Power.  Here are some examples of perpetrator energies so you can tune in and learn some ways that others may have been “perpy” to you or you may have been perpy towards another.

  • With our spouses… demands on each other (stealing their time), not keeping your word (stealing trust)
  • With kids… stealing money, stealing the car or other items, kids resorting to manipulation because they haven’t gotten their needs. I’ll punish you, before you can punish me.
  • With our neighbors… borrowing the lawnmower and not returning it, perhaps coming up with perpy ways to irritate or get even with them neighbors.
  • With our colleagues or underlings… taking their ideas and using them for your own, standing on other people’s backs to get ahead.
  • With our community… trying to stop supportive work towards humanitarian work because of selfish reasons.

These are all ways of noticing subtle dips or lapses of integrity when we are coming from EGO and loaded with vengeance…and a desire to be innocent of any wrong doing.

Defining Victims

Victims have very defining self-limiting beliefs stored in their unconscious mind. These hidden beliefs keep victims from standing in their power or their true nature. THIS is the ROOT CAUSE of victimhood. If those beliefs were released, no one could make them a victim.

A second definition of victims is that all victims, on any level of suffering, run some form of Protection Energy. Protection energy basically keeps us tied to the perpetrator energy and are not sovereign to stand in own power.

Examples of Protection Energy
  • Body Armoring – building defensive tissue in response to suffering
  • Hormones – pheromones, biological weaponized, smelling bad
  • Appear ugly – if I look ugly, no one will want to come near and/or touch me
  • Deities to help us – trading Sovereignty for protection from gods, angels, etc.
  • Body Posturing – ultra confident, don’t want to touch or be touched
  • Talismans and empowered objects that we rely on for luck or protection
  • Energetically creating force fields around us or invisibility fields
Our favorite question:  Do perps create victims?

No. Each one of these states of being creates the other. It’s almost like a Yin and Yang situation. Meaning both of these exist all at once and are polarized. Meaning highly charged energetic states. Its like taking two refrigerator magnets – they cannot help but find each other when placed near each other. This is why we referred to these states of being as the same frequency.

Ultimately, victims feel incapable on some level. Incapable of advocating or defending themselves, having difficulty setting boundaries. They deeply experience disappointment that other people can’t be supportive and kind.

What heals the Perpetrator?

For a millennia we have been trying to heal perpetrators but it is not working. Behavior interventions, behavior modification training, time-outs in prison, penalties for “being bad”…very rarely does it work. Although we have seen significant programs arise in modern times, we still new:

  • Bullies
  • Inmates
  • Rapists
  • Murderers
  • Thieves

When we, as an individual or society, attempt to heal perpetration in our lives, we resort to PUSH energy, which is known as vengeance, seeking restitution and other forms of violence, either physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Now, you can see how the conundrum continues.

What are we saying here is that healing the perpetrators may not be the best approach.

Healing Victim and Perpetrator Consciousness

We consider healing victim consciousness first because it’s easier for the victim to leave the situation because they have nothing to gain from someone else.
Perps are always looking to gain something – control, money and / or power over a person or situation.

The healing exercise in this post is to release victim energy from not just your consciousness… but all of humanity, by reducing the specific energies of victims and perpetrators on the planet.

For this healing exercise we want to use a common example of someone who runs victim energy.

Example of Victim Energy

Let’s say you have a boss who is quite the perpetrator. His or her victims tend to experience some or all of the following things:

–          Being used

–           Not being paid enough for a job well done

–          Harassed

–          Not promoted as punishment

–          Humiliated in front of coworkers and colleagues

–          Disrespected in numerous ways


Whatever it is that victims’ experience, it is unique and personal to them. Not every single employee under the Boss, may not feel harassed for example.

What is it inside a victim that makes one person feels harassed, but not another, even though the boss treats both the same?

Most victims believe, like almost all people, including perpetrators that “Others and Life Circumstances are the Source of their feelings…”   but they are NOT!

Both victim and perpetrator have judgments and beliefs about themselves or others.   These judgements and beliefs create projections which get cast onto the boss or other coworkers, using this example. One person may project the boss has harassed them, while another may be fine with the boss’s behavior.

When a victim projects on the perpetrator, they typically can’t see their part in the experience. And remember, there cannot be a perpetration without a person running victim energy. It is these energies that are driving their unique experience that attracts each other. There is a good reason for this.

Mitigating Circumstances for both Victim and Perpetrator

Mitigating circumstances, we call “hidden forces” or unknown factors behind their actions.

Without going in to too much detail, I just want to point out a few of them:

  • Entities, especially dark force entities – which are just thought forms
  • Suppression energies in our DNA, energy centers, bones, blood and gut
  • Entanglements – with the Family Soul (epigenetics – imprinted genetic materials)
  • Altered Brain Chemistry – Under the influence of Pathogens, Toxins, Drugs, Alcohol, etc.
  • Soul Contracts and Agreements
  • The Unconscious Mind – where fear, anxiety and vengeance

All of these hidden energetics attributes keep us from being Sovereign.

Our goal at the Brain Integration Institute is to help people be Sovereign from all Conflict Energies, especially those with agendas to take from others.

It’s Conflict Energies that create the Victim and Perpetrator roles, but neither side needs to buy into either identity if they remain Sovereign and stand in their true nature.

Creating Less Victim and Perpetrator Energy on the Planet Now

BEGIN: Engage your heart and mind and soul and say aloud, or inside your energetic bodies:

I acknowledge I am a victim.

I acknowledge that this position is in my experience.

I chose to let this go and all of the ways I thought I couldn’t stand in my power.

I release all judgments I have about myself.

I release all self-limiting beliefs I have about myself.

I release the judgements the perpetrator made about me, them and the circumstance.

I release all beliefs I have about the perpetrator.

I release the projections the perpetrator held towards me.

I release conditions and components of the conflict.

I release the conflict and all aspects of it.


I forgive the Conflict within myself.

I forgive my judgements of the actions put upon me.

I forgive the conflict within the perpetrator.

I forgive those who chose to inflict pain, power or control over me.

I forgive those who sided with the perpetrator.


I proclaim myself free of the Conflict.

I proclaim liberation from this pain and suffering.

I drop the experiences of being a victim.

I walk away from being perpetrated upon.

I declare myself free from all the conflict energy this situation created.


I shine my true nature, which is Love for myself and others.

I stand in my authentic self and my power comes effortlessly.

I am enough and they are enough.

I truly see the shining Divine Potential in those who were the perpetrators.

I witness to my true divine potential.

They are love and I AM love. We are One.

Our Planet’s New Reality

If everyone did this, where do all the perps go? There would be none. There would be no one to perpetrate against. No opportunity to victimize. No incentive. Nothing to gain or steal or have power over. It shuts down Perpetrator Energy… once and for all.

It comes down to this: There would be no more perpetrators. And it would heal the perpetrators.

Change your thoughts = change your experience.

Help Is Available

If you have been victimized and are unable to release your victim story and would like some support in transforming pain and suffering in your life – reach out to us.

You may use our contact us online form for receive more information or to request a 15 min complimentary phone consultation.

We have many self-empowerment and energy healing programs, including a Conflict Resolution for Kids Mentoring Program and we support healing adult conflicts and victim situations best through beginning with our Initial Consultation with Advanced Energy Healers Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN and Annie Peterson-Kolatkar.

We are so glad you joined us to release victim and perpetrator from your biofield.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley
Founders & Advanced Energy Healers