The Leap Method of
Conflict Resolution

In a moment of stress you have an opportunity to create a solution absent of fear, and based in Love.

Now, illuminate the Life you always dreamed of from compassion.

Invitation to Self-Healing Conflict

When would you like to enjoy Peace in your Life?
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I realized how often I would craft my comments in discussions to avoid conflicts with family members or coworkers.  It had become habitual, and I did not see the behavior.  I have adjusted my interactions to be authentic and find relationships are moving in a positive direction with more honesty, openness and understanding.  As I work through additional challenges others have noticed the change in me and I have seen positive changes in them as well. When you face your fears you begin to feel more loving and accepting of yourself and others.  Peace is awesome!

M.S., Ohio


The 5-Step Conflict Resolution Process

Everything seemed to flow perfectly today. I also spent all  day Sunday with a house full of family and I was completely at peace and relaxed. It was a beautiful day. I can’t remember the last time that there were so many people in our house, and I wasn’t stressed out at all, prior to, during or afterwards. Thank you so much.  I still have so much more to learn but I’m seeing results and that is very motivating.


Just hours after doing just one conflict resolution we felt a marked increase on a sense of peace from not only that issue but others as well with each additional clearing. Each conflict clearing progressively carved out a concise plan to get to the root cause of discomfort, and triggers that I didn’t even know we had. Daily life seems to take a much more sense of ease and flow, which is such a comfort, especially during times in which we all need a much higher consciousness. The comfort has been priceless. Relationships on every level IMHO have been vastly improved.

Dan T, CA

IT Specialist

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