Psychic Enhancements: Improve Your Psychic Abilities in 12-weeks!

Psychic Enhancements: Improve your psychic abilities in just 12 weeks! This program Psychic Enhancements is about getting comfortable with your gifts. It’s about gaining clarity and building trust with your with your Inner Guidance so that you have better mastery of...

The Disorganized Brain with PTSD Expert Mike Peterson

Often a disorganized brain exhibits reflections in our lives, for example, as a messy desk or house, an inability to keep a calendar, unable to process multiple sensations at the same time or when emotions are out of balance your brain processing plummets just to name a few. When we bring our brain and nervous system into organization these reflections in our lives change.

Psychic Care: How do you know if you have psychic abilities?

Psychic care is an important aspect of self-care for every person who is highly sensitive and has intuitive or energy reading skills. It’s important to understand how highly sensitive you are in the world so you can clear your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual...

Service to Self, Service to Others, Service to Us

Service to Self must be in combination with Service to Others as Service to Others alone will not bring the collective consciousness together. We are creating and introducing a new concept for humanity to consider for the well-being of all – Service to Us! The key to “Service to Us” is in recognizing that you are offering to yourself and the other party at the same time.

Parents Of Anxious Children – Podcast Included

Parents Of Anxious Children – Podcast Included

Author: Mike Peterson, PTSD Expert Parents of anxious children, I have a question for you: What if you could make life easier on your kid by making it easier on you? Parents of anxious children are often surprised to learn that they’re highly sensitive or...