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Service to Self must be in combination with Service to Others as Service to Others alone will not bring the collective consciousness together. We are creating and introducing a new concept for humanity to consider for the well-being of all – In Service to Us! The key to “Service to Us” is in recognizing that you are offering to yourself and the other party at the same time. In summary, it means it is “good for you, it’s good for me and it is great for everyone!” [Scroll down to keep reading about this fascinating concept.]

People are looking to volunteer or give services (time and energy) to others, versus the idea of giving service to self. When we consider the words “service to self” many times other’s perceive we are collectively vain, selfish or greedy when in fact this may not be true. When we are exploring service to self, we are really talking about nurturing and caring for oneself. When we take care of our self, and our body feels whole and complete and our needs are met, we have much more time and energy, which helps us feel full. When we feel full, we are able to move into the space of service to others without conditions or obligations.

What we propose here is to bring in the concepts of Service to Us, which begins with Interdependent thinking, behaving and expressing. Interdependence says, “I take care of me for you, while you take care of you for me.” When we arrive with our cups full, we create service to us. This means, “It’s good for you, it’s good for me and it is great for everyone!” These concepts are not mutually exclusive.

Some people have multitasking as a skill and is something that all people can do without creating overwhelm in the brain and nervous system. Mother’s tend to watch their children while cooking dinner, and an example of a mother multitasking might mean that she sets them up with a fun activity near her in the kitchen while she preps and cooks the evening meal.

8 Ideas On How You Can Be In “Service to Us”

  • Go to the spa and bring a friend with you
  • Give bath time and clean the bathroom at the same time
  • Be at the beach and bring a trash bag to clean up litter in your area before leaving
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen while sharing lunch with the community
  • Learn carpentry skills while volunteering on a community project
  • During daily meditation, invite your kids or family members to join you in a group meditation to create more unity
  • Taking kids on a longer walk to a neighborhood park to get exercise for yourself
  • Finding ways to collaborate without conditions or obligations with colleagues, friends or family members, including children

You can get your needs met while you meet the needs of others. It does require you to think through the “I win-You win-Everyone wins” situation, but after a while, it will come easy and you will be able to witness the possibilities when this concept comes alive in your life.

It also means you have to fill your own cup and the other person needs to full their own cup, too. Somedays, one person’s cup may not be full and it is okay to say, “Today I am not feeling full and able to be in service to us.” This keeps the integrity of the energy exchange balanced and honest.

When we move back in to the awareness of Service to Us, our perspective changes and adjusts to meeting everyone’s needs, easily and effortlessly.

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