Psychic care is an important aspect of self-care for every person who is highly sensitive and has intuitive or energy reading skills. It’s important to understand how highly sensitive you are in the world so you can clear your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual of discordant energies before they undermine you on any level. [Scroll down to continue reading this article]

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Psychic care, psychic self care. advanced energy healing, brain intergrationIt is important to learn how highly sensitive you might be and how to take care of yourself. Psychic care is easy. We teach people to do daily self-care, grounding, connecting to inner guidance and clearing.

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psychic self-care, advanced energy healing, brain integrationHow To Tell If You Are Psychic?
How do you know if you have psychic abilities? This article will help you understand the ways in which you might be able to sense and use energy. Not everyone has the same ability or expression of that ability. We have learned that everyone is super unique.

Are You? (And how much?)
Highly Sensitive Person: With 10 being the most highly sensitive person on the planet today, where are you on a scale of 1 to 10? (Note: Clear yourself first, go to neutral and let go of any attachment to outcome before you ask your collective biofields (physical, emotion, mental and spiritual) the question.)

  1. Empathic
    1. Person
    2. Place
    3. Thing
    4. Weather
    5. Animals
    6. Plants
    7. Planetary
    8. Cosmic
  2. Telepathicpsychic self-care, advanced energy healing, brain integration
  3. Kinesthetic
  4. Psychic-intuitive (clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient)
  5. Internal meter for noticing and gauging energetic next steps
  6. Hyperacoustia
  7. Hyper-gustatory/olfactory
  8. Telekinetic
  9. Psychometric (hold an object and connect with the person who touched it)
  10. Interdimensional walking
  11. Representation and Surrogacy

How Well Are You Managing Your Psychic Abilities?
Many people who are intuitive or empathic often find themselves with problems unique to highly sensitive people. These problems can mean that they are carrying entities, energies of others such as illness or disease, conflict energies and anxiety producing experiences. They also get repeat visits by spirits seeking them out and entities bother them while traveling out of body (astral or other) or meditating.

Energetic imbalances of a High Sensitive Person (HSP)

  1. Coping mechanisms, which result in suppression. Some examples:
    1. Hyper vigilant or hyper focused mental state; can result in paranoia, fear, anxiety
    2. Proprioceptive imbalances; can result in loss gross or fine motor skills, nerve problems
    3. Vestibular imbalances; can result in memory, auditory and kinesthetic (gross motor) problems
    4. Magnetic imbalances; can result in grounding problems, flipped polarity, unbalance emotional state
    5. Energetic imbalances; can result in anything from physical to spiritual problem
    6. Meridians; can result in energetic flow throughout the body, illness and stagnation
    7. P E M S energetic bodies; can result in pain and disease on the physical, emotional or mental illness, and spiritual conflicts
    8. Chakras; can result in ill health, loss of connection to parts of the body and decreased mental clarity
    9. Dan Tien; can result in feel disempowered, unfulfilled, low qi or energy, chronic fatigue
    10. Nadis; can result in feeling unsupported by life, peculiarity in relationships
    11. Kinesthetic imbalances; can result in sports and body performance problems with timing and coordination
    12. Visual imbalances; can result a multitude of vision issues including difficulty visual processing
    13. Auditory imbalances; can result in feeling estranged from the world or difficulty expressing oneself

psychic self-care, advanced energy healing, brain integrationPsychic Care – How Do I Do It?
We have learned than when our clients and followers do Daily Self Care (New Daily Brew), grounding exercises,connecting to inner guidance and clearing out filtered and superstitious or discordant energies from all four bio-fields.  We’ve created a free eBook called Psychic Self-Care that you can use to rescue yourself anytime you feel uncomfortable in your body. To receive your free copy, click here to register. Note: If you are already on our mailing list, you will have a copy in your email.

We are always available to support all healers, lightworkers, empaths, telepaths and more with their sensitives. We know from personal experience how easy it is to get entangled with disease energies, entities, negative energy of others or places and need help clearing it out of your PEMS. We clear everything in one healing session. We support HSPs with classes one-on-one to develop their own self-care for their gifts and abilities so that this doesn’t repeat. If you are a healer or lightworker and want a complimentary consultation, please contact us.

psychic self-care, advanced energy healing, brain integrationIf you would like to get full energy clearing click here to purchase one and work with Ashley and Annie together as they impart their wisdom and help you understand the Hidden Forces and their origins, where they are attached to you (PEMS) and how they are affecting your abilities and innate gifts by suppressing you as a way to cope. You will leave the session refreshed and lighter than you have ever been before. Most people notice improvements in their brain and nervous system in the weeks following. Many report how much nicer people relate to them with the full clearing of  negative energies and entities.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley

psychic self-care, advanced energy healing, brain integration

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