Psychic Enhancements – 12-Week Remote Energy Healing Transmission Program


Intuitive Brain Enhancements, through quantum energy healing remote transmissions will promote improved brain and nervous system integration so that the innate psychic gifts of each participant are enhanced. This program also reduces overwhelm in Highly Sensitive People (HSP) who often experience the energies of others and life around them. Get out of coping and walk into your power with this highly specialize program just for you! Wednesday nights at 9:00PM (your time) for 30-minutes.


Psychic Enhancements through quantum energy healing remote transmissions will promote improved brain and nervous system integration so that the innate psychic gifts of each participant are enhanced and mastery begins. This program also reduces overwhelm in Highly Sensitive People (HSP) who often experience the energies of others and life around them. Get out of coping and walk into your power with this highly specialize program just for you!

You may listen to our live podcast on YouTube about the benefits here.

OVERVIEW: Enjoy 30-minutes of remote energy healing work every Wednesday night for 12 weeks at 9PM wherever you are in the world. Our work is “time zone indifferent” –9PM is your “engagement time” for your self-healing. Tune into this healing opportunity to work on developing and enhancing your psychic abilities and balancing your sensitivities in the physical world.

We are here to support you in developing ways of connecting to your inner guidance. These Psychic Enhancement energy transmissions are designed to support you through conscious and intentional meditation. Similar to “prayer”, our work happens on the Quantum level in a way that quantum particles interact with atomic particles and thus shifts your four energy fields.

“Huge thanks Brain Integration Institute! This is a gold brick! You are the best!” C. Anderson, Hemet, CA

 “Wow, you blew me out of the water! You really know your stuff. It really shows. I am still processing all the ways in which I changed.” Marina M., San Diego, CA

Who Benefits From This Work

·       Highly Sensitive People experiencing overwhelm or not happy with being sensitive

·        Empathic and Telepathic aka “Highly Psychic People”

·        Anyone with a healing intention for someone else

·        Anyone who needs to heal their own body

“Since taking this program, I am not longer afraid of seeing things.” Susanna S., San Diego, CA

Benefits are numerous!

·        Affordable healing support

·        Easy to receive in the privacy of your own home

·        Improves your brain and nervous integration for creating optimal health

·        Create peace and harmony with in your life

SUMMARY: After 12 weeks of Psychic Enhancements through advanced energy healing transmissions, you will have transformed your energy fields in a multitude of ways. Many people will feel more integrated with the world around them with fewer reactive responses to stimuli from others –whether it is from feelings, emotions, thoughts or projections from others.  These transmissions help highly sensitive people hit the reset button on their brain and nervous system so they can be self-empowered and confident in a world of energy connections with others, plants, animals –the entire universe.

Week 1 – Advanced Energy Clearing “Clearing the Path to Greater Psychic Opportunity”

Week 2 – Creating Conscious Choices “I have the ability to stand in my power and make change”

Week 3 – Body Talk “Connecting to your body’s voice”

Week 4 – Becoming Well Integrated with Sensory Input “I experience the world with joy and excitement”

Week 5 – Connecting To Your Inner Guidance “I am more confident in how I interact with the world around me”

Week 6 – Deepening Your Empathic Ability through Proprioceptive and Heart Integration

Week 7 – Managing Your Telepathic Ability through Brain and Nervous System Integration

Week 8 – Enhancing Your Clairvoyant Seeing through Vision Integration

Week 9 – Exploring Psychokinesis with Improved Connection to your Energetic BioFields

Week 10 – Creating Stability and Positivity for Pre- and Retro- Cognition Abilities

Week 11 – Self-Navigation Enhancement for Interdimensional Walkers

Week 12 – Trusting and Working With Your Intuition

These Psychic Enhancement energy transmissions are received at night while you are relaxing, meditating or sleeping. In truth, they can be received no matter what you are doing, but we have discovered that people notice the energies more when they are in a relaxed or meditative state.

7 Key Benefits

  • Highest levels of energetic support are provided – to reduce overwhelm and facilitate processing integration of Psychic Self-Care.
  • Providing access points to Inner Guidance – this sets the stage for internal shifts of awareness creates a bridge to a healthier body.
  • Brain and nervous system integration – supports physical health and healing between all biological systems such as cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory and more.
  • Clear residual conflict energies – this is a key to any healing program as these energies keep you stuck
  • Generate peace and clarity to support accessing your unconscious Mind where you will find universal information and knowledge beyond the Mind.
  • Gently open, connect or rediscover intuitive abilities that are your innate tools to create your desired experience with balance and ease. This supports your ability to experience the energies of life without overwhelm.
  • Feel supported to stand in your power and your True Nature, which is Love – this reduces victim energies, powerlessness and the need to go into judgments and beliefs about others. This energetic support will help you heal Separation pain and suffering and encourage Unity Consciousness with self, others and life circumstances.

NOTE: Your RECEIPT of purchase for this program may end up in your SPAM FOLDER. Please add us to your address book or contacts so you get all our important messages. Be sure to write down your password for your account, too.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Create an Account with a Username and Password so you can access each week’s remote transmission healing notes and integration exercises.

Testimonials from our other group transmission program

“Wow, how did you do that?!! My daughter started speaking full sentences within three days of your transmission. I can’t get over the change in her. My husband and I are now so excited for each first Friday of the month! Woohoo! We’re on fire now!” –Bella Grace in Los Angeles, CA

“It was a cool experience. The first month I forgot to notice if anything was different, but then my mom reminded me to notice how my day was after the second nighttime session. I actually think I studied the best ever and I just knew the information more comfortably. Hard to explain, but studying was easier and doing homework was a cinch. Usually, I have some mild anxiety about missing some details or key information, but after a couple sessions, I was more relaxed when studying.” L.K. College student in California

“Huge transformations happened for me. I went from being a D- student with huge vision problems to getting B’s and C’s. I can read now.” J.P.M. High school student in Virginia

“I just wanted to share with you my experience last week during the Wednesday evening energy transmission. I followed the instructions regarding imagining opening a gift and this is what I experienced: I saw a box and was at first imagining the color it might be, it turned into a gold box with a white ribbon. I then saw it open on all sides and out of it arose four boxes like on a computer screen. I imagined touching each box to open it and see what was inside. The first box was a book. I asked what it meant and I got that it was information that was for my growth. The second box was laughter and lightness. My son was laying on the bed with me as I relaxed and we were laughing and being silly while I was in and out of paying attention to connecting during the transmission. Sometimes you have to work with what you have in the moment! The third box was about fun and enjoying life. The fourth box was a loving partner. I looked at that box quizzically as I thought how could a partner come to me through this. All of these gifts were things that I have been asking for and working on bringing into my life. The next day as I was contemplating on my “psychic self care” as I do each morning, I felt new information coming in that was for my knowledge and my healing. I have continued to feel that more and more knowledge and/or seeing has been coming through throughout the week since. The other three gifts continue to unfold in my life as well. I sense there is a deepening for me in all of these areas. Thank you for your offerings of spiritual help.” Sharon T., San Diego, CA

To further support you through this process, we highly recommend that you download our free eBook Psychic Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People. You can find the link here.


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