Leap Through Your Consciousness


Leap Through Your Consciousness(TM) – Advanced Energy Self-Healing Meditation Course
12 consecutive weeks
Wednesday nights 9PM 
Time Zone Indifferent(TM) – 9PM your time, no matter where you are in the world
$222 for the 12 weeks

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Leap Through Your Consciousness(TM) with our advanced energy self-healing meditation course, by removing the clutter of fear and opening the opportunities in your life expressed through Love.

Your 12 Week Program Includes:

1 – Commitment to Taking A Leap of Consciousness
2 – Neutralizing Consciousness Challenges
3 – Mastering Perceptual Perspectives
4 – Conflict Resolution with Advanced Inner Technologies
5 – The Precipice of Creation
6 – Experience Your True Nature
7 – Navigate Life with Inner Guidance
8 – Enhancing Life With Empowerments
9 – Cultivating Self-Love
10 – Pronoia As Your Lifestyle
11 – Reality Shifting Through Belief Systems
12 – Living Spiritually Sovereign

Benefits Include

  • Connecting to your Inner Guidance for self-navigation creates peace and empowerment in your life
  • Support for clearing consciousness challenges created from fear for
  • Access the awareness of self-judgments and inner knowing to support the release of self-limiting beliefs that drives your behavioral patterns
  • Improved relating creates deeper and more profound conversations and experiences with self, others and life
  • Taking a leap through your consciousness cultivates self-empowerment, which creates the life you choose to experience.

To learn more about how to access and unlock a remote energy transmission, click here to read this article or listen to a podcast describing this topic. Our transmission program is your own independent connection with your heart-centered energy transmission packet. We send and facilitate a specifically designed packet of energy to YOU and you receive the energy transmission in a meditative process unique to your personal environmental preferences. 

Leap Through Your Consciousness(TM) 12 consecutive weeks Wednesday nights 9PM Time Zone Indifferent(TM) – 9PM your time, no matter where you are in the world $222 for the 12 weeks

Each unique remote transmission in our program has a theme and we invite you to log in and watch each one. You can still get all the benefits of this program without watching the videos or reading the lessons for the 12-weeks of Leap of Consciousness, however, we encourage you to and watch the shows in accordance with the week that you are in with your remote transmission program and focus on clearing the specific consciousness challenges we present in order.

12-Week Leap of Consciousness Video Series Twelve 30-minute videos providing the experience of creating changes in your consciousness to bring forward your gifted state of loving kindness and a deeper connection to your Inner Guidance. The Leap of Consciousness advanced energy self-healing course is offered year-round.

Annie Kolatkar

The Healing Power of Constellations
Leap of Consciousness
The Miracle Is YOU!

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

Quantum Energy Healing
Genetic Consciousness
Hidden Superpowers
Leap of Consciousness
The Miracle Is YOU!

SUPER IMPORTANT: Create a reminder in your calendar to log in on Tuesdays or Wednesday before your meditation night, to watch each weekly video and read our supportive guidance on the energy healing theme of the week presented for deeper reflection. This will optimize your experience of making a Leap of Consciousness. We look forward to supporting you making your Leap!


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