Improving Student Learning – Empowerment Sessions for Students 12-week Program

Relax and receive advanced energy healing via Remote Transmissions from two healers for improved student learning over the school year. Each week on Wednesdays, Ashley Lee and Annie Kolatkar will transmit brain and nervous system integration healing in the evening for students and parents to receive just before bed or while sleeping (age dependent). Each session lasts 30 minutes and is designed to support your student in all areas of their growth and development. Please scroll down to read a highly detailed description of the 12 sessions with additional important information.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR – Every Wednesday for 12 consecutive weeks, at 8PM your time zone (see below for more info on Time Zone IndifferenceTM) or while your child is sleeping.

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Relax and receive advanced energy healing transmissions for improved student learning over the school year. We will transmit brain and nervous system integration healing in the evening at 8PM your time, for students and parents, to receive just before bed (or while sleeping for children who are unable to do a meditation). Each session lasts 30 minutes and is designed to work on different parts of the brain and the entire energy system of the body. Experience remote transmission work by watching this video: Click here to go to our YouTube channel.

How Cool Is An Advanced Energy Remote Transmission?
Our programs are Time Zone Indifferent(TM). This means that no matter where you and your child(ren) are in the world, you can receive the energy packet that we have created for each of you. Our energetic technologies reach each of you in any time zone that you are in. No technology, such as a cellphone, computer or other device is required. Only your own “inner technology”, that we refer to as your Inner Guidance, is necessary. So turn off your gadgets and tune in via meditation and conscious connection while relaxing at 8PM. Now that’s what we call “Far out!”

Program Start Date: The Wednesday after you sign up!

Week 1 – Empowerments in Centering, Grounding and Being Present

  • Adjustments to changes in routine, friends and others who instruct us.
  • Acceptance of what is instead of resistance (aka sweet surrender)

Week 2 –   Preparing them for information processing, assimilation & integration.

  • Hemispheric Brain integration for smooth transitions from left to right with heart centered awareness and support.
  • A specialty of the BII is to promote and advanced brain integration for optimal student learning and improving the ways of relating to one’s self, others and life circumstances around learning.

Week 3 – Expanding Limbic System Awareness

  • Time Change, Circadian Rhythms, Seasonal Changes
  • Creating space for making better choices
  • Stress hormone balancing
  • Reducing hypervigilance by clearing victim attractor energy
  • Primitive and postural reflexes

Week 4 – Sensorimotor and Gross Motor Skills Enhancement

  • Proprioceptor Activations
  • Muscle tone, strength, and coordination
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Auditory Processing – Speech and Language
  • Vestibular balance and posture
  • Visual Processing – Reading
  • Eye-muscle balance and coordination
  • Sequential Processing
  • Rhythm and timing

Week 5 – Improving Memory with Focus and Concentration

  • Working memory
  • Long Term
  • Short Term
  • Remembering our unique interconnectedness
    • Connecting to Plants, Animals, Nature and People

Week 6 – Supporting the Expressive and Receptive Language of Emotions

  • How we relate to ourselves, others and life circumstances
  • Processing self or others’ emotional information
  • Un-conditioning self judgements and judgements of others

Week 7 – Self Advocacy: I Can Ask for What I Need

  • Cultivating awareness, patience and gratitude
  • Expressing needs with tact, timing and kindness

Week 8 – Social and Leadership Skills

  • Developing our empathic abilities to gain awareness of others’ needs
  • Support of compassion and unconditional love for differences in people
  • Openness to support others and community

Week 9 – Standing in your Power

  • Supporting active engagement in Life
  • Acknowledging accomplishments
  • Reduction in perfectionism by connecting to their inner guidance system

Week 10 – Navigating Sensory Input

  • Developing awareness of different types of sensory input
  • Processing the input for understanding it’s uses
  • Inner Guidance check point: how do I take action with the data?

Week 11 – Introduction to Mastery of Self-Expression from A Multisensory Perspective

  • Approaching input with calmness, confidence and patience
  • Introducing the idea of how to relate to “Knowingness” –and begin to share it with the world

Week 12Multi Level Processing and Integration

  • Adjusting to changes in after school life (examples: holidays, weekends, daily decompression)
  • Refinements and deeper integration of all the prior sessions

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