Painful Emotions, That Never Seem To Go Away, Can Be Released With Advanced Energy Healing Without Revisiting The Trauma!

It is not unusual to have painful emotions, like grief, anger or betrayal show up in our lives more than once. After all, we interact with others and witness to the world around us minute to minute, then process through our mental-emotional bodies and physical and spiritual bodies creating judgments and beliefs about what we witness. It is also quite common that most people do not know how to process painful emotions. They often resort to coping mechanisms which suppress the painful emotions until they become stabilized and the person can move on. When people are unable to move those painful emotional energies out of the body, they stay stuck in places like the throat, nervous system, gut or mind. Then, when similar events or people come along, the similarity of the frequency of the feelings can re-trigger the ones still in our body. Often this can make the current experience seem so much worse since there is a foundation of painful emotions already in place.

Emotions that make us uncomfortable often last longer in our body than a physical injury. When we don’t process those feelings out of the body, the painful emotions continue to stay in the body and soon we become governed by them. They even affect our health outcomes. Some people have to avoid certain people or places so they don’t get triggered or de-stabilize the emotions they have stuffed. We all know how it feels to be controlled by our emotions and it can feel awful, which can lead to even more layers of discomfort and heaps of painful self-judgment on top of those existing feelings. This is what I call a hot mess. And it can all be undone without revisiting the original trauma with Advanced Energy Healing.

First, when someone describes a difficult emotion that they feel constantly, like sadness, rage or anxiety, I like to ask an important question or two:

1.)    Are those feelings yours?

2.)    If those uncomfortable feelings in your body are NOT yours to begin with, I ask, “Whose are they?”

I help people get in touch with:

·         the feelings that are theirs,

·         the feelings that are not theirs, and then

·         turn off the feelings that are not theirs.

I do this by checking in on their energetic bodies and entanglements with family soul pain. Many times, a family has someone who is angry and is suppressing the anger, and their child tries to do the expressing for them. Then the child grows up and becomes an adult who is often told they have an anger management problem –like their father. The anger is really the fathers, and the child (now an adult) is still doing the expressing of the anger that the father could not and it is a Hidden Force driving their experience.

I have witnessed so many variations on a theme like this one:

·         A woman cannot marry and keeps leaving highly qualified marriage candidates because the mother couldn’t leave the relationship to her father. It literally drives her mind crazy because she can’t explain or rationalize why she finds fault with all her suitors. She carries guilt for hurting nice men and being unable to commit.

·         A man constantly dates “crazy, insane women” trying to account for his mentally ill grandmother who was institutionalized and forgotten. Knowing his girlfriends are fragile and unstable he fears leaving or staying with them and the repercussions. These energies upset every effort on his part to be a success in the world until he feels completely powerless and unable to move forward.

·         A daughter who makes “bad dating choices” keeps distance from her parents replicating the separation forced upon her grandfather by his parents long ago and far away for marrying someone they didn’t approve of. Deep feelings of despair and anguish weigh on the daughter’s heart. Her stress levels are affecting her health.

·         A child develops behavior problems mirroring the mother who has not released her own grief from loss of her father. The mother never had time to process and the child was attempting to engage the mother to express her feelings.

·         A teenager has OCD tendencies (excessive bathing and hand washing) trying to honor the poverty stricken ancestor (prostitute, homosexual) who was considered too dirty for the family to belong. The teen placed himself in high risk situations and invited contempt from his family. Eventually ending up homeless and in poverty. Deep feelings of shame plagued the teen and created new levels of pain to endure.

In all these themes of pain and suffering, painful emotions are created as byproducts of actions and decisions –like the original one to show love or loyalty to a family member.

Help Is Available Now
All these root causes for the difficult emotions can be released and new strategies for a happier life experience easily created in a minimum of sessions. There are two paths of emotional freedom available:This is an image of a butterfly resting on pink flowers.

·         Foundation Brain Integration Program where you can have many of these energies released without having to revisit the trauma and you can learn daily self-care tools to support yourself moving forward so painful emotions do not build up; and

·         Private session with me to learn, in depth, what has been driving your emotional experience and consequently your health experience and release it all. There is no need to revisit personal trauma when approached from a spiritual and energetic healing point of view. Energetically, I can go to the source of the conflict and release it on a multitude of levels. (*)

(*) I often recommend a follow-on 90-min private phone session with my colleague Mike Peterson, because the work is synergistically powerful, and he can help you “un-wire” the parts of your brain that “fired together” that cause you to be “triggered” by similar data or emotions.

Help is truly is available. Please don’t live with painful emotions that have been there for a lifetime or you’ve been unable to let go of on your own. Book a session right now and plan to have a different experience soon.

Warmest regards,
Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder and Advanced Energy Healer

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