What would you like?

Have you ever been asked this question? Do you know what you would say?

Not many people get asked this question, except in a café or restaurant. When it comes to the important stuff in life, most people hit the wall and can’t quite answer this question. All areas of their life have one problem or another with some varying degree of pain and suffering. We all can list what is wrong because that is what our brain focuses on constantly. It never fixates on what is right because what is working is not considered a problem.

When we focus on what is wrong, it produces chemical changes in the physical body. Our brain and nervous system drive almost every experience in the body. What we think, believe and say affects our physiology and per Dr. Bruce Lipton, “Our beliefs form our biology.”* And then our biology begins to drive our experience, which I call an “unintended consequence” of our thinking.

When asked “What would you like?” most people start listing all the things that aren’t working as much as to say, “I want these things to go away.” That does not answer the question, but there is an assumption that the happiness will come when the pain goes away.

Most people think that the root cause of their unhappiness is the stuff their brain is making them notice as problematic. They feel the source of their unhappiness is the problem, yet in fact, it is the judgments or beliefs in our minds that I call the “root cause”.

To answer the question, we must shift and clear the root cause. Where we look for root causes is in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energetic awarenesses.

Let’s look at other people’s lives and their answers to the question “What would you like?” to deepen your understanding of this new idea.

Three main areas I get asked to transform for people are:

·         Love or Relationship,

·         Money or Career, and

·         Health or Wellbeing.

Many times the root causes are not well understood nor easy to discern. Many times we search for health and healing through what we perceive are our problems –or more commonly referred to as symptoms. A symptom of “love, money or health not going the way you would like it to” usually has a spiritual, mental or emotional root cause. 

“Help me do my job better so I can win, too” … I want to:

             Improve memory recall and ability to follow directions

             Feel grounded and centered amid chaos, confusion or overwhelm

             Feel calmer while hearing criticism, judgments or projections of others

             Perform the job with confidence, trust and ease

             Faster processing and delivery of what is being asked for on the spot

             Strong clarity and sense of direction and purpose

             Be more successful, stand out, reach their ambitions/fulfill their goals and dreams

             Get appropriately paid for the contributions they make

             Be offered opportunities

             Birth my talent, art or writing to the world

“Help me have better health”… They are all looking for ways to:

             Lose the anxiety or depression

             Keep or maintain a healthy weight

             Balance stress and release/turn-off PTSD from a myriad of traumas

             Feel glorious and on top of their game and good inside

             No pain in my body

Most want: “Help me have a better relationship and feel and express love more”

             Better relationships with family and friends, especially their spouses and children

             Be a better parent or role model

             Be more present

             End the need for approval, praise, love, to belong, to be noticed/acknowledged or heard

             To be liked and respected for their job

It is significant the insights that each person gets, when I ask them my next dumbfounding question “What is the good thing that having all THAT will do for you?” –in other words, “what is the good thing that will come to you if you don’t have the anxiety, you are wildly successful in your job, money is not a worry, you feel present and focused, and feel like you belong?”  Their answers may surprise you!

Here are the answers that surprise many of my clients when these simple sentences leave their lips:

             “I will be happy”

             “I will have peace”

             “I will feel joy”

             “I will finally be free to have peace and happiness”

             “I will have found my bliss”

If, for example, “happiness” or “peace” is the answer, then I know that somewhere in the past, usually an entire lifetime ago in early childhood or infancy, someone lost, traded or gave away their most precious soul treasures called Happiness or Peace and need help to bring those back where they belong…in the heart of the client.

 Therefore, the real answer to the question, “What would you like?” Is one or more of the following:






What would you like?

Now, take a moment to process that question and discover what you would say.

For all of you who want help answering the question “What do you want?” and retrieving your soul treasures, so you can feel more balanced and whole, our brain integration team is here for you.

 Warmest regards,

Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder & Advanced Energy Healer

* Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD author of  “The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles” copyright 2007

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