Money Mastery Series

Shift your consciousness to experience optimal exchanges adding value to the lives of everyone utilizing The Leap Method.

Self-Healing for Quantum Financial Mastery

E1: Squandering Value Consciousness

2hr 3min

E2: Me vs. Us Centrism

1hr 51mins

E3: Non-Reciprocal Relationships

1hrs 50min

E4: Wishful Thinking

1hrs 59min

E5: Windfall Consciousness

1hrs 59min

E6: Subterranean Consciousness Challenges


E7: Elucidate Consciousness


Episode 8: Philanthropy of One’s Giftedness


Episode 1: The Energy of Money 

2hr 37min

Episode 2: Hand Out versus Hand Up Consciousness

2hrs 10min

Episode 3: Finding the Optimizer (Philanthropy and Humanitarian Synergy)

2hrs 14min 

BONUS VIDEO: Clearing Investor Fears – Clearings for 5 Common Fears


I am greatly impressed by the scope & profoundness of Money Mastery series.

I expected mild psychology & good advice but found out that just the listening seemed to sieve through layers of old behaviours, rusted beliefs, dusty opinions on myself, others & life.

Annie’s comments & questions brought fresh air. I started being able to see the old building blocks & blockades, & more importantly understand that MONEY, the Finances was not a world that operated on the side, exterior to my consciousness. Not at all.

My “belief” could be a “be-lie” colouring all my financial opinions, decisions, etc… Money mastery is a series that speak of our relationship to the world, to other people, to the quantum of interrelations.

You don’t even have to really work on it. Just let it sink. Then change an Iota, you change your destiny. We can do it.

Thank you Annie & Emily.

Pascale, Belgium


The first one that talked about a “dirty windshield”. I knew then I was with MY Light Group!!  I have Learned so much from all the videos and know in my heart this group is going to change the world

Not only with money but with Love.  What an amazing group

God Bless all of you for what you’ve done and your doing to educate us and change this planet.

Shooter, Telegram


What a wonderful experience!  Thanks for [all] the soulful things you shared, and your style of leadership is so inspirational to me and a model for the shift I’m making in my biz. We’ll see how that flies in my cabal-esq financial world!  I’m honored to be a part of QSI!

A. Wolff

Cert. Wealth Manager

One Conflict Resolution lead me to the next and the next and over the course of a year I feel so much  has changed and cleared within me.

I joined your channel at the beginning of your “Ascending with Annie” series and listened on repeat weekly .  Learning, evolving, and challenging myself to continue without expectation.

I would (and have) encourage everyone to tune in to the Money Mastery talks and lessons and experience the changes that unfold when we take self-responsibility with the guidance of amazing Annie.

 Words aren’t adequate to describe the blessings Annie’s work has brought to my life .

Liz, Telegram


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