Money Mastery Series

Shift your consciousness to experience optimal exchanges adding value to the lives of everyone utilizing The Leap Method.

Self-Healing for Quantum Financial Mastery

Episode 1: The Energy of Money 

2hr 37min

Episode 2: Hand Out versus Hand Up Consciousness

2hrs 10min

Episode 3: Finding the Optimizer (Philanthropy and Humanitarian Synergy)

2hrs 14min 

E1: Squandering Value Consciousness

2hr 3min

E2: Me vs. Us Centrism

1hr 51mins

E3: Non-Reciprocal Relationships

1hrs 50min

E4: Wishful Thinking

1hrs 59min

E5: Windfall Consciousness

1hrs 59min

E6: Subterranean Consciousness Challenges

AIRING: July 28th, 2022


E7: Elucidate Consciousness

AIRING: August 4th, 2022


Episode 8: Philanthropy of One’s Giftedness

AIRING: August 11th, 2022


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Quantum Stellar Initiative
Center for Conscious Kids

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