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Are you one of the amazing people who feel called to build a new paradigm on Earth and correct the challenges people experience in the world?

If your answer is Yes! we welcome you to the network of Light-filled beings who are willing to bring their hearts, minds, and wealth to solve the local, national, and global problems the world is suffering from.

Annie Kolatkar, Ashley Lee RN, John Hobbs, Rick Baron, Donna Heckler, Annie Wolf, Anne Marie Newman and many other retired business executives, who care deeply about supporting you and others, have joined forces to create a shared support services organization to serve you in your efforts.

We are building a heart-centered, conscious web-based shared services organization to form a powerful collective that resources:

  • Humanitarians – resourcing projects in social reforms, environmental and human welfare
  • Philanthropists – resourcing others with time, knowledge and wealth
  • Influencers – creating Generational Wealth for Family and Friends
  • Business Owners – products and services in support of Humanitarians

This form is designed to collect information to help beloved community members from Quantum Marketing, QSI, Quantum Collaboration, and the Leap of Consciousness. Whether or not you have a project, now you may stay connected and support each other in creating transformation in the world around you! 

Your data will NOT be shared or sold. 

— References for questions below —

Animal Welfare includes:
Rescue, humane treatment, therapy, etc.

Human Welfare includes:
Homeless, addict, trafficked, impoverished, abused, mental/emotion wellness, PTSD, etc.

Environmental includes:
Land, water, air, space

Social Reforms include:
Education, financial systems/wealth, medicine/health, government/politics, victim consciousness and business culture, AI/technology

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Thank you for making a difference in our world. Your Presence of Love matters!