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  • 12 advanced energy healing videos
  • 12 highly detailed spiritual healing concepts to set the contextual focus for each meditation
  • 12 weeks of advanced energy healing support from two preeminent healers
  • Bonus: complimentary ebook on Empowering your Leap of Consciousness and email series Conscious Choice Challenge 101 … an advanced energy healing library and powerful tool to healing triggered states

I took this 12-week remote transmission course. It literally helped me expand my consciousness and challenges… I felt those powerful remote healing sessions work alongside my healing journey. So grateful for Ashley and Annie’s incredible giftedness and I keep wanting to learn more.

Susan P.


Leap of Consciousness 12-week Self-Healing Mastery Video Series

Our program is enhanced with deeply transformational videos to compliment and deepen your experience in the unique remote self-healing energy healing course we create for you each week. A remote transmission is a deep connection to your Inner Guidance that supports you in navigating the release of consciousness challenges that affect our everyday Peace.

“Leap Through Your Consciousness” with our advanced energy self-healing mediation course, by removing the clutter of fear and opening the opportunities in your life expressed through Love. Learn more about the 12-weeks here.

I did this program last year and found the sessions relaxing and beneficial in my growth. It helped me learn how to focus on myself and ignore distractions to find a peaceful meditative state. I felt progress from the first session. -Myra, Ohio

  • Embodying Empowerments means you begin supporting your ability to stand in your power from inside Love. Get your free copy of our Empowerments eBook here.

To learn more about how to access and unlock a remote energy transmission, click here to read this article or listen to a podcast describing this topic. Our transmission program occurs in your own space, wherever you choose to be, absent of distractions, minus phone or computer technology as you relax and meditate in a receptive mode.

Graphic of the Leap Method

12-Weeks of Email Support with

24-hour Reminder!

Within a few hours of enrolling in this program, you will receive two emails to start your Leap of Consciousness journey. Then, each Tuesday for eleven more weeks, you will receive a reminder email with the focal points for your remote transmission. The weekly email support will enhance your integration of your learning and energy healing. Jump on board!

Week 1 - Commitment To Taking A Leap of Consciousness

Going beyond intention and elevating your decision to access your unconscious thoughts and feelings. Accessing is the first step to healing your consciousness and the conflicts created in your life.

Week 2 – Neutralizing Consciousness Challenges

Whether you are the source of a conflict or on the receiving end of someone’s challenges thinking, this week’s transmission will help you recognize when you or someone else is coming from a consciousness challenge. With this awareness in place, you are empowered to move into conscious choice to heal the conflict you notice inside the relating.

Week 3 - Mastering Perceptual Perspectives

“Where is the energy going?” Deepening your awareness of your five basic energetic perceptual pathways in your relationships. You will begin to notice, more and more, where the energy is originating from and where it is going.

Week 4 - Conflict Resolution with Advanced Inner Technologies
  • Acknowledging/Accepting your Conflicts to initiate healing of consciousness challenges
  • Breaking down the walls inside relating with self, others and life circumstances
  • Releasing the fears/judgments created from consciousness challenges that build walls inside the relating
  • Proclaiming Sovereignty from your Conflicts
    Shining the truth of your Sovereignty and overall healing to yourself and then others.
Week 5 - The Precipice of Creation
  • Recognizing that you have consciousness challenges and desiring the release of them
  • Restructure your responses to life to choose Peace.
  • Going neutral is underrated. Going neutral allows us to let go of attachment to the outcome to allow the Truth, whatever it may be, to come through us.
Week 6 - Experience Your True Nature

Get re-acquainted with your True Natured Self! Meet your highest higher self in your meditation journey, who without fail, openly expresses leadership to guide you out of fear and into the space of love when you request it.

We will be energetically supporting your innate ability to recognize your True Nature (Love) without consciousness challenges present, so that you can notice when you are coming from fear versus love.

Becoming unified with your Higher Self in every moment of every day, regardless of the situations at hand, deepens the relationship and unifies the whole Self.

Week 7 – Navigate Life with Inner Guidance

Creating a spontaneous space of Inner Guidance and connection.
Recognizing that your relationship with your Higher Self is directly proportional to the tools and the operational distinctions you can obtain to navigate through challenges in your life.

Week 8 - Enhancing Life With Empowerments

Embodying Empowerments means you begin supporting your ability to stand in your power from inside Love. Get your free copy of our Empowerments eBook here.

Week 9 - Cultivating Self-Love

Opening and committing to finding ways, moment-to-moment, to release conflict and discord to relieve stress, pain and suffering.

Recognizing when there is discord on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and offering comfort to your highly sensitive self.

Week 10 - Pronoia As Your Lifestyle

Attuning oneself to Pronoia –the Universe is conspiring to support me!
Releasing deeper levels of Paranoia (you didn’t know you had!) Tibetan Book of Living and Dying has a marvelous quote worth considering: “Would you prefer the happiness of scratching a mosquito bite over the happiness of not having a mosquito bite in the first place?”

Week 11 - Reality Shifting Through Belief Systems

This week’s transmission is a door opener to support you going to deeper levels of understanding that your discordant emotions are expressing through your belief systems. With this new knowledge, you will begin to comprehend that you have beliefs operating inside your consciousness that are creating energetic experiences that you have deemed undesirable and may wish to change or update. This will empower you to make those changes with greater awareness.

Week 12 - Living Spiritually Sovereign

Journeying to discover and notice how you have made a Leap Through Your Consciousness by noticing your inner growth, new awareness of self, opportunities and potentials.

Consciousness Challenge Chats

We have created Consciousness Challenge Chats to discover how the Leap of Consciousness Toolbox is utitilized in your every day life!  View how YOU are the proof you choose to create in your Life on The Awake TV Network Show HERE!

The Benefits of Consciously Choosing

Connecting to your Inner Guidance for self-navigation creates peace and empowerment in your life.
Support for clearing consciousness challenges created from fear.

Access the awareness of self-judgments and inner knowing to support the release of self-limiting beliefs that drives your behavioral patterns.

Improved relating creates deeper and more profound conversations and experiences with self, others and life.

Taking a leap through your consciousness cultivates self-empowerment, which creates the life you choose to experience.

To learn more about how to access and unlock a remote energy transmission, click here to read this article or listen to a podcast describing this topic. Our transmission program is your own independent connection with the energy transmission packet. We create and facilitate a specifically designed packet of energy for YOUR TRANSFORMATION and you receive the energy transmission in a meditative process unique to your personal environmental preferences. No other technology is required.

Leap Through Your Consciousness(TM)

30 minute Self-Healing Mediation Course, specifically designed for you!
12 consecutive weeks
Wednesday nights 9PM
Time Zone Indifferent(TM) = 9pm your time, anywhere in the world you may be!
$222 for the 12-weeks