In-Service To Us

“It’s good for you, it’s good for me and it’s great for everyone!”

As I take care of me for you and you take care of you for me, together we create optimal conversations, experiences, and relationships.

In-Service to Us is a concept that optimizes the energetic relating in the space between the “Us.” The space of In-Service to Us begins to organically arrange energy flow patterns supporting energetic and resourceful flow patterns to all participants in the focused environment. 

When we align our thinking inside the “energetic real estate” creating In-Service to Us, we express and improve potentials and possibilities we haven’t yet considered. 

As we arrive to the chosen experience for all include and no one left out, with our cups of full of love and opportunity, abundance flows to all. 

Leap of Consciousness Authors
Ashley Lee RN, BSN, CCRN
Annie Peterson-Kolatkar

When we practice self-love and fill our own cup up with love, it is good for me, good for you, and great for everyone!

In-Service to Us shifts the perspective from:

  • service to self is Me-Centric
  • service to others depletes the giver and overserves the receiver creating an imbalanced relationship
  • service to us creates benefit for all and balances the reciprocation of giving and receiving

As you are distracted with ignoring your own needs,and before you join another to be in service together, make conscious choice to fill your cup up and nurture yourself first with love.

When we can create a bridge called In-Service To Us, this moves us into pronoia (the Universe is conspiring to support me) and organically opportunities begin to provide the relationship with resources that everyone benefits from. When we incorporate In-Service to Us with every interaction we choose for ourselves and all others, miracles unfold.

Create An Opportunity for In-Service to Us By Taking Your Leap of Consciousness

Being In-Service to Us…

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