Healing Your Reactive Mind – Let go the part that jumps-to-judge

Healing your reactive mind means you can heal the part of you that jumps to judge by making a conscious choice to let go of the fears behind the judging. In all of us resides an Inner Judge. The judge is an aspect or part of you that reacts to everything, as if what your Inner Judge has witnessed and believes to be true in the moment. The Inner Judge issues a rapid response judgment based on observation but the judging is interfering with your ability to create, sustain and maintain peace inside yourself and your relationships because it has placed a judgment or two inside the real estate between you and the other party or life circumstance. This is why healing your reactive mind is incredibly valuable!

Survival Mind -versus- Thrival Mind

Does healing your reactive mind mean that you will lose your ability to respond in times of danger when your very survival in a body is threatened? No. However, it is good to know that your reactive mind is all about “fear of death and dying” if you dig far enough into your unconscious mind. Your survival mind is making quick judgments using filters called “consciousness challenges” that are buried in your unconscious mind. Called challenges for a very good reason, they truly are thoughts produced from challenges inside our thinking that produce fears and prevents us from expressing our true nature of love.

Reactive Mind is fueled by consciousness challenges. Each challenge interferes with expressing your true nature of love and can create conflict within yourself, your relating with others, and life. Yes, we could call the reactive mind the ego, but the ego is the summation of all judgments which fuel the “action” in the reactive part we are exploring in this self-healing article. Reactive Mind Consciousness, therefore, is the part of us that jumps to judgment based upon the fears that other consciousness challenges produce inside us.

Here are two significant areas where we can find Reactive Mind Consciousness interwoven with many other consciousness challenges with examples of how we arrive at our reactive mind:

  • Noting the differences between you and another using one or more of the following consciousness challenges that provoke your reactive mind:
    • I Am Less Than Consciousness leads to Comparison Consciousness
    • I Am More Superior Than Consciousness leads to Competition Consciousness
    • I Am Not Worthy Consciousness leads to Envy Consciousness or Jealousy Consciousness
    • I Can Do No Wrong Consciousness leads to Watcher Consciousness (aka The Integrity Police)
  • Noting how life circumstances are experienced as pain and suffering through the lens or filter of the following consciousness challenges:
    • Victim of Circumstance Consciousness stems from Powerless Consciousness
    • Self-pity Consciousness stems from Powerless Consciousness
    • Recruiting Others To Validate Our Victimhood Consciousness stems from Self-pity Consciousness
    • Make Wrong Consciousness stems from Blaming Consciousness
    • Complaining Consciousness stems from Learned Helplessness Consciousness in believing the situation is hopeless

Your Inner Boardroom, of different parts or aspects of self, wants you to thrive but if you are in a constant state of fear and rush to judge everyone and everything that happens, you are serving your survival brain and not your thrival brain. The difference between the two is that one has a belief in Paranoia –that the Universe is rushing in to hurt you and the latter believes the Universe is conspiring to support you inside a phenomenon called Pronoia. Which master would you like to serve?

Enjoy exploring this collection of pictographs to support you healing Reactive Mind Consciusness and other challenges that may be interwoven with your Reactive Mind Consciousness.

Creating Mastery of Thrival

Ending the rush to judgment starts with acknowledging you have to begin healing your Reactive Mind Consciousness and making a conscious choice to release the internal programming of fear.

“I consciously release my Reactive Mind Consciousness, that rushes to judge others and everything I witness. I release my self-judgments of (fill in the blank with as many self-judgments as you can identify that created and sustained this consciousness pattern in your thinking*.) I now choose to notice when I am being reactive and let go of my judgments of myself, others, and life circumstances as I change this thinking pattern. Moving forward I commit to my intention to be neutral in my outlook on others and life and not rush to or make judgments.”

*Examples of self-judgments might be:
– I wish I could keep my opinions to myself / I wish I didn’t stick my foot in my mouth
– I can’t believe my face gives away what I am thinking and feeling
– I can’t believe there is a part of me that still judges everything and everyone
– I can’t help it when I am having a strong response and have to share my reaction
– I only react because if I don’t, no one will know how I feel about something
– I should be nicer since I am a spiritual person
– I didn’t know I was being so judgmental with my comments and body language

What Reactive Mind Does To Produce Actions

Often, we have fears we don’t know we have, so our reactive mind speaks for us to let others know what we fear. Here are some examples of where the reactive mind is producing problems inside the relating:

  • Vocal tones –even saying a simple, “Wow!” expresses a judgment about what is seen, heard, smelled, or felt. Disgust is typically expressed as “Eww.” Bewilderment, confusion, and disbelief is nowadays expressed with a “WTF!?!” (in polite terms, “What the Heck”)
  • Facial expression –a turned-up nose, curled lip, eyeball roll (lateral violence consciousness), snarky expression, raised or pinched eyebrows, and a hundred more express judgment faster than a person realizes
  • Body language – leaning away, backing up, hands up, recoiling are all examples of strong and subtle expressions of “don’t come closer” or “you/it could hurt me”
  • Violent behavior –a quick punch, slap, pinch, kick, or worse –a gunshot or knife stab stems from a reactive mind and a person unable to control one’s judgments of another

One could say that we have a control problem on our hands, but is that really the truth? Do we lack willpower?

Suppression Is Not The Answer

Suppression is the opposite of self-love. Self-judgments also inhibit self-love and we often suppress our self-judgments because we don’t want to know that we are judging ourselves. When we suppress our self-judgments, the reactive mind becomes present in the moment we are dealing with a conflict. Furthermore, suppressing our reactive mind is a disservice to ourselves and others in our ability to express our authentic discomfort and conflict.

Using willpower to control and suppress the reactive mind is a form of denial, self-punishment, or veiling to ourselves, and the other we don’t want to know how we truly feel. We can veil our reactive mind with our beliefs of how we determine our reality to be.

An example of suppression might be dismissing our anger when a neighbor’s dog is barking and we have not understood the elements of the consciousness challenges we experience with ourselves, like “Intolerance Consciousness,” and our unwillingness to see the neighbor’s consciousness challenges, like “There’s Nothing I Can Do To Fix This Consciousness,” related to not addressing the barking dog.

In fact, we do have the capacity to create change and address the conflict. The change begins within us. When we change the way we think, we change the way we feel and ultimately, impact the way we respond and behave to others. “Peace begins with me.”

What if we stood in our true nature of love and shared how our neighbor’s dog was disturbing and offered to help the neighbor with dog training? In-Service To Us supports everyone getting their needs met with everyone being included, even the dog.

Reactive Mind Consciousness shuts down most Listening and hinders In-Service To Us. As we release our judgments and how we may be in denial about what we are judging, like a barking dog, we open to healing the conflicts we react to. When conflicts get healed, peace takes its place. And peace organically, naturally creates happiness.

Healing Your Reactive Mind and Replacing It With Neutrality

We invite you to make the commitment to your intention to healing your reactive mind so that you begin to have mastery over your reactions –especially in the jumping to judgment department. Neutrality is highly underrated and undervalued. Neutrality allows for outcomes that no one could have imagined!

As you learn to let go of your attachment to outcomes and allow yourself to be neutral in each moment, you begin to create deeper states of peace. Here are some tips for noticing your reactive mind so you can choose neutrality on the spot and let go any judgments you just made in any moment:

  • Saying WOW or EWW, WTF, or any expletive
  • Just looking astonished or blown away
  • Shaking your head negatively with a “hell no” “no way Jose” or “absolutely not!”
  • Beating yourself up, cursing yourself for a mistake
  • Getting accusatory, assertive with another
  • Becoming “mad as hell” and blowing up
  • Experiencing fear, anxiety or apprehension
  • Laughing at or celebrating someone’s misfortune
  • Getting violent

Would You Like Support Healing Your Reactive Mind?

At any time, you may reach out and contact Ashley Lee and Annie Kolatkar who are available to do some “heavy lifting” for you in an advanced energy healing session. You can create a deep transformational shift through our advanced energy healing process. Healing your reactive mind is a beneficial step towards a more peaceful you!

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About the Authors
Annie Kolatkar – Global Family Constellations & Energy Healer
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