Healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is now possible in as little as one to three sessions depending upon the severity. Millions are suffering because of PTSD, from the fear and anxiety and the depression and loneliness that comes from it. Whether it is childhood trauma, from a traffic accident, as a first responder or a military experience together we can change your brain in just minutes as opposed to weeks, months or years of therapy.

Who Can Heal PTSD From Our Methods?
For veterans, steeped in the Warrior Ethos, you’ve been taught not to show fear or weakness and to hide behind a ‘good face’ for your families and battle buddies. Unfortunately, you are still fighting a war on a battlefield inside your Mind. The Guardian Method is quickly and easily turning off the screams, the explosions and the nightmares from the other side of the world. The fear and anxiety and depression that comes from it can rapidly begin to change, usually in just a few conversations from anywhere in the world.

For any adult, victimized by their parents, a teacher, boss, friend, lover or rapist, horrific life event to yourself or a loved one, you’ve been hiding behind a façade of false bravado and cheerfulness hoping no one will figure out what happened to you in the past. You can heal PTSD from these experiences, too.

For anyone, running patterns of fear or anxiety and hoping to turn off your response to known or unknown triggers, this program is for you!

Through amazing new discoveries, The Guardian Method is consistently beating PTSD and anxiety – mostly in a few conversations and without any drugs ever. It works from anywhere in the world. No VA, no travel, no trips –just a phone or internet connection is necessary.

“We must tell every veteran and their families because we don’t know which ones are suffering the most. We must tell them that these new, highly successful discoveries are ending the war that followed them home…and that they can now heal PTSD and have life different.” – Mike Peterson

How Do I Get Help To Heal My PTSD?
There are three paths to wellness:

1.) We highly recommend this as a first step: schedule a private phone session immediately with Mike Peterson. This is the equivalent of “911 help for PTSD” that will begin the healing process with immediate results. You can email us at connect@brainintegrationinstitute.com to book a healing session.

2.) Register now for our online Foundation Brain Integration Program to begin balancing your brain and nervous system. This key program will be useful on a magnitude of levels from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Read more here:

3.) Register now for our online “Healing Mental and Emotional Illness Program“. Together we will address all key components like neurotransmitters and other important neuro hormones that govern your mental and emotional states; balance and update brain wave patterns; and facilitate improved processing through the white matter of your brain. We will gently lift and relieve “what may have kept mental and emotional states suppressed”. This program helps improve sleep, stress patterns, and more.

We are here to help you get beyond your fear and anxiety and heal PTSD. You don’t need to live with it another day. Restore yourself and stand in your True Nature, empowered to be even more than you ever were before.

Warmest regards,
Annie Peterson-Kolatkar
Founder and Advanced Energy Healer