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We want to share with you that this topic was initially inspired by a young boy who got stung multiple times and is a client. We were discussing getting stung and how it relates to victim energy and the consequences of going into Agreement with the stinger.Getting Stung, Victimized by Venom

Annie’s Funny and Ironic Bee Sting Story

Ashley and I had just outlined all the ways we feel victimized by insects stinging humans. The judgments and beliefs –even agreements that we go into about getting stung and punishing the one who stung us. When an hour later, while relaxing on my deck in a lounge chair, I felt something on my foot and used my other foot to brush it off only to discover that horrible sensation of getting stung by a bee.

While I was using some choice words, Ashley, who was laughing on the other end of the phone in disbelief asked me, “So what happened to you Annie… that the bee landed on your foot… and you got stung? How did that happen? … I know most people would look at this as an accident or coincidence, but we look at things differently.”

I told her, “Well, as advanced energy healers we do look at things differently. We recognize that somehow I have to be running “attractor energy for being stung”….and honestly I didn’t realize it was there. But now that I mention it, it was staring me in the face!!”

Ashley said, “So let’s go into your energy and determine where this attractor energy came from. Is that ok?”

I told her to go for it and she sorted for where the “attractor energy” for bringing in “getting stung” or “venomized” was located in me. This otherwise known as “A Victim of Pain and Suffering”.

Ashley sorted through my energetic bodies to identify the area because it would help me release my Attractor Victim Energy.

It was stored in my spiritual energetic body and that it needed to be handled first. She next asked me if I had any spiritual beliefs about getting stung in the world?

Of course I do! I hate being victimized by what I can’t see coming at me. I didn’t see this bee. I felt something land on right foot and I simply used my left foot to move it off. I thought it was a bug…you know…something bugging me. Getting stung is not fun. It’s painful.

And yes, this is a very personal story of victim energy.
Getting Stung, Victimized-by-Venom

What Is It About “Getting Stung” That Hurts So Much?

I can honestly say…that phrase… “I hate being victimized by what I can’t see coming at me” is so true –and this just reminds me how much easier it is getting to access these unconscious parts of me this way. So, I would definitely say that this one is so prevalent in my unconscious experience.

Ashley pointed out this significant piece in me that needs to be released.

Then I had a strange thought and asked Ashley, “Do I have to forgive the bee?”

Ashley checked in and go a no but thought it was a good question.

I just want to point out how easy… and how empowering it is to get in touch with your Unconscious Mind when we open up to our vulnerabilities.

When we open to what we consider private we can then begin to access Truth about what is really happening. Right?

Ashley asked me how I felt recognizing this Truth about myself…of awareness, and I must confess, I felt like I just put one of those airplane spotlights on some aspect of me that I didn’t know was driving my experience and everyone can see it, but it’s okay.

And I will say this: after years of working with Ashley, I’ve come to realize that looking and being open to examining these vulnerabilities or beliefs, I have the opportunity to change or reframe them. With this…it has changed my experience. Meaning many or all symptoms cease after I reframe them with the Truth.

Also….I can tell you that that phrase about “things coming at me that I can’t see” sums up so many of my life experiences where I felt caught off guard by others who came at me and literally stung me with their unexpected words, emotions or behaviors.

Ashley pointed out to me that these are the many aspects that we can experience of stinging and venomization. (Which is why we look at all the elements of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.) And she saw it as a beautiful connection to my beliefs and the many ways that venom could “sting me”.

In my life, it was people doing the stinging, but yesterday, it was a bee. The bee doesn’t need forgiveness as we said earlier, but it is there to remind us that when you get stung by others, you need to forgive the conflict energies of getting stung by them. That’s the spiritual aspect that is available for healing.

When Ashley asked me what my bee sting symptoms were, I told her there was no swelling or burning, but the area was numb and it was hard to stand or walk on my foot.

Curious, she asked me to tell her what the numbness meant to me. I explained to her that I hate having pain. And there is also some aspect of “I don’t want to feel this.” Naturally she thought I was an amazing “manifester” because I numbed it. That was a pivotal moment for me when I realized I CREATED MY OWN SYMPTOMS! I did it. And I did it from inside my own unique pain center called my brain. If I created them, I could un-create them.

Then she asked me, “when others sting you, do you have similar symptoms?”

It was a really good question. If I equate numbness to being in a state of shock, the answer is definitely yes. If I equate not being able to stand on my foot as not being able to fully stand in my power, then yes. The symptoms are similar. It doesn’t matter if the sting was from an insect or a human, my pain center reacted the same way.

Ashley asked me yet again another very important question. “Where does the venom from the bee sting go?” Well, I had never thought about it. I honest had no idea.

The reason she brought it up is very important! After “the sting” –and I am referring to stings from both people and insects…where does the venom residue go inside the body? It has to go somewhere if the person doesn’t consciously clear it out of the energetic bodies!

Where Does The Venom Residue Lie In The Body?

The venom or poison goes in, but does it ever come out?

Does Ashley ever stop asking important questions? No. Her next one was powerful because it points to why we have problems in our body, our mind and problems spiritually and emotionally.

Is anyone ever really free of the venom?

No, not unless they consciously deal with it.

Here are some of the questions we both asked to learn where the venom goes in a person:

  • Did it go into the bloodstream?
  • Is it in the organs –heart or liver?
  • Is it in the immune system?
  • Is it in the brain and nervous system?
  • Is it in the integumentary system?
  • Is it in the cardiovascular?
  • Musculoskeletal?
  • Is it in the adipose or fat tissue?
  • Is it in any of my energy centers or fields?

In my case, I don’t get that it enter the body because upon removal of the stinger, I consciously removed and cleared the venom by squeezing my toe to get it out. I was making sure that none of the venom would affect me.

But Ashley was already a step ahead, “Where did the ‘thought’ of the venom go as your toe turned numb?”

It felt to me like it entered the musculoskeletal system of my structural body…where sometimes I feel unsupported by life.

Yes, sometimes I, Spiritually-speaking, feel unsupported by Life. When I get stung, I feel powerless to change the world I actually know I can create. These are the inner conflicts we see daily in people…including myself today. And I am grateful for the opportunity to heal this aspect of victim energy that I was running in myself. Does this mean, if I release this spiritual victim energy I won’t get bitten anymore?

Yes, when we truly and deeply understand this concept “that we carry victim attractor energy” and that we can release it, we become victimless to the world around us…one step at a time.

So every time you notice that you are running victim attractor energy, you get to see it in all the ways that it happens to you and then release it.

Self-Healing Exercise

Take a moment to release Venom and Victim Attractor Energy in yourself right now. Take a moment and breathe in, deeply, all these aspects we have just spoken about.

Open to the idea of what beliefs you individually may have gone into around being stung by others or life circumstances.

Some of these beliefs are also called Agreements around how we view our life and how it works. Let’s review a few:

Agreements You Might Have Went Into After Getting Stung

  • I don’t belong here
  • I can’t defend myself
  • I didn’t, won’t or can’t see it coming
  • It happened in the dark eg, while I was sleeping
  • There were too many of them
  • They’re stronger, faster and sneakier than me
  • They like me
  • They need me
  • I’m allergic to them
  • They get me where I can’t see them attacking…and let’s look at some of the judgments we have made by being victimized!

Judgments About Getting Stung

  • They’re awful and should be punished…how about killed? –as in those pesky mosquitoes!
  • The planet should be rid of them
  • I don’t care how it is, I just want them gone –and I’m referring to the perpetrators
  • Someone needs to fix this…which points to how we’re not standing in our power thinking it is someone else’s problems. Which makes we want to look at the beliefs victims carry around being stung:

Beliefs Around Getting Stung

  • I need protection from them
  • I need essential oils, a special spray, a shark cage, knee high boots, a snake bite kit, meds, the list goes on and on…
  • I can only be where there are none [I can’t go on vacation there bc they have [fill in the blank] there.
  • They suck your blood
  • They can infect you
  • You can die from them
  • I’m innocent; they’re to blame for my misery…

So whether it is a person or an insect, we all clearly have judgments, beliefs and agreements about how we are victimized by venom and what should happen to the perpetrator.

Take moment now… to consciously release your own “victim attractor energy”

From inside your heart and mind:

I acknowledge I have a conflict with perpetrators who would attack me.

I release their judgments and beliefs and projections on me.

I release my judgments and beliefs about them.

I release my own self judgments and self-limiting beliefs.

I release all “victim attractor energy” now.

I release this conflict and all its components and conditions.

I release all soul contracts where I am engaged in “victim attractor energy”.

I release all the conflict energies in all my energetic bodies.

I forgive this conflict.

I proclaim myself Sovereign from this conflict.

I shine the truth of myself to the areas that hurt in my body from the sting and venom, and invite the perpetrator to proclaim themselves Sovereign from this conflict too.

I see myself free from victim energy more and more.

We’re Here to Help You Release Victim Energy

Each situation is unique. And sometimes the conflict energy of getting stung is much deeper than a bee sting. And if you’d like to learn more about how we can support you releasing victim energy, we are here to help you. You may use our contact form to reach out or find and like us on Facebook.

In case you missed the first podcast in this series on Victims and Perpetrators, you can read or listen to it here.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley
Founders & Advanced Energy Healers