The forgiveness step is the third step of five in the Conflict Resolution Therapy for the Soul healing protocol. By now you have Acknowledged the Conflict and Accepted that it is in your experience and Released Projections, Judgments and Beliefs, Agreements, Soul Contracts, Components and Conditions of your Conflict and the Conflict itself. This next step will be easy compared to any attempt you may have made in the past to forgive others or yourself because the first steps have been taken.

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What Is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness means that you let go of something. Here are some common definitions:

  • To let go of anger towards someone or about something.
  • To give up resentment of or claim of acquittal
  • To give up resentment against an offender; to pardon
  • To cease thoughts of vengeance and consciously release the negative emotions around an experience

Why Is Forgiveness Hard For Some People

Most people have a hard time with forgiveness for many reasons. They may still blame others and life circumstances for their feelings, feel victimized and are still overwhelmed by uncomfortable feelings. As a whole, we have not learned how to manage uncomfortable feelings or clear them out of our body so they can’t hurt us any more. Also, people don’t know how to sort for and release the judgments and beliefs they feel from others, the ones they hold between themselves and others which creates separation and have no clue how to release self-judgments.

Our Forgiveness Step Is Easy

forgiveness step, conflict resolution therapy for the soul, advanced energy healingSort for the feelings that might still reside inside you after acknowledging the conflict, going into acceptance and releasing judgments and beliefs from all angles, levels and dimensions. So many discordant energies will already have been released so what is left is usually minimal.

We want to take a respectful moment here and honor the deep pain and suffering that some people have endured that may still need to be released. These steps are meant to be taken carefully, examining all the judgments and beliefs about a perpetrator(s), our own self-judgments about being victimized by others and many agreements, soul contracts, components or conditions that are part of the conflict. We encourage you to breathe in comfort energies to your body and let it know that “I’ve got this, now. Thank you for showing me that I still have uncomfortable feelings in my body. I’m working on releasing them now.”

When something painful has deep roots in your life, the forgiveness step must be taken with care that you don’t rush each of the five steps to healing. This is not to say that it will take a long time rather it can be completed in less time than you think, but after you clear the main layer, more pieces may come up and you must clear them as you remember them. Here is an example:

A woman still carries the pain of her divorce. She remembers how difficult her marriage was and considers it a failed relationship. The idea of forgiving her former spouse was difficult at first because she blamed him for the failure of their relationship since learning that he was cheating on her. After acknowledging the conflict and accepting that the conflict was still “with her”, she began to sort for what she could shift first. It was the projections, judgments and beliefs he put on her. Then she was able to connect with her Inner Guidance and turn over her self-judgments and self-limiting beliefs to her Enlightened Self. Once this step was complete, she began to see how she went into Agreement with him about her role in their marriage. She was expected to be the perfect wife and she agreed to be just that for him. Unfortunately, his judgments and beliefs about what a perfect wife is, had her on an exhaustive path. As she didn’t meet his standard of perfection, he turned outside of their marriage seeking his ideal. On many levels she had agreed that she wasn’t perfect. It was belittling and over time she lost her confidence, self esteem and ability to do good self-care. After understanding the agreements she went into she began to see where she desired blaming him. However, at the same time, she began to see her role in the marriage failing as she considered all the agreements she bought into to keep him happy. She believed that she was the Source of his feelings, just as she believed he was the Source of her own feelings, but that was never the truth. After releasing Agreements, she was able to release judgments and beliefs about him, which made her see even more Agreements that were previously hidden.

forgiveness step, conflict resolution therapy for the soul, advanced energy healingAs layers got peeled off, she began to see that she had judgments about his parents, his attorney, his women-on-the-side and began to notice and feel their projections, judgments and beliefs on her! She began to understand that there was an entire forest of conflicts that needed clearing. The more she cleared these, the more she recovered her happiness and was finally able to release the final parts of the conflict that kept her from the forgiveness step where she could saying out loud, “I forgive this conflict and you can too.”

Most conflicts that occur daily can be released in one breath because you understand the process behind them and you can find your part in the conflict quickly and release your judgments. This applies to people who make you rise to anger quickly in traffic, at the shopping mall, a difficult parent on the playground, a customer who is challenging. In one breath you can consciously proclaim yourself sovereign from the conflict and that is a simple, easy forgiveness step.

Test Yourself

Can you easily and effortlessly say to the main character of your biggest conflict, “I forgive this conflict?” If the answer is yes, test to see if you have ease releasing all the projections, judgments and beliefs, too. If yes, proclaim yourself sovereign and shine that truth to the other and yourself.

If the answer is no, revisit step two and see where you are still holding onto some judgments and beliefs. The forgiveness step is easy once the releasing has been done.

Kahuna Mark Manu Saito from the Big Island in Hawaii has written a post on the Native Hawaiian Forgiveness Process to assist you going into deep clearing to get those roots that have been keeping you stuck. Click here to read the article.

If for any reason you are in a stuck state and can’t get started to do this work yourself, please reach out to us. We are professional healers on your side. We will help you do the heavy lifting so you can get on your feet and be standing in your power again. We desire to empower you to do your healing and will support you and your body through the process with gentleness, compassion and love. Divine Witnessing is what we do best for our clients and spontaneous healings happen daily. Contact us now to help you clear the painful history your mind, body and soul has been carrying. Isn’t it time you were free?

Warmest regards,
Annie, Ashley & Kahuna Manu
Founders and Advanced Energy Healers

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