Do you have a Disorganized Brain? Leading PTSD Expert Mike Peterson was back in the podcasting studio with Ashley Lee on Center for Conscious Kids to discuss what it means to have a disorganized brain. Often a disorganized brain exhibits reflections in our lives, for example, as a messy desk or house, an inability to keep a calendar, unable to process multiple sensations at the same time or when emotions are out of balance your brain processing plummets just to name a few. When we bring our brain and nervous system into organization these reflections in our lives change.

PODCAST: Episode 83 – The Disorganized Brain with PTSD Expert Mike Peterson is now available at the following links:




Watch the podcast here on You Tube.

If you believe you have a disorganized brain here are some things to consider in which we do brain and nervous system integration:

  • Support your emotions coming into balance using our free eBook Psychic Self-Care.
  • Adopt a stress free lifestyle through connecting with your Inner Guidance on a daily basis.
  • Make time and space for an advanced energy healing session to bring balance into your brain and nervous system by releasing root cause and setting new goals for your new self-empowered state.
  • When you notice that you’re experiencing a disorganized brain state choose to move out of self-doubt that you are powerless and move into a self-empowered state and then choose a new experience.
  • Book a session with PTSD Expert Mike Peterson to work specifically on known problem areas to rewire your brain into higher functioning patterns. Usually, one session shifts a considerable amount of blocked resources and liberates you into a happier, optimally functioning brain space that will inspire you! For deeper more complex cases, more than one session is often recommended and the permanent shifts are so exciting.

Having a disorganized brain is an opportunity for you to notice that you need more brain and nervous system integration.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley & Mike

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