Creating Fun With Intuition: The importance of having or creating fun with your intuition is that it strengthens the connection. This article is about honoring your inner voice and having fun with your intuition. The 3 main points we are sharing today…and we’ll go into greater depth on these…are:

1.)  Creating fun with intuition is easy. We suggest you with engage it in everything you do! –we’ll show you how.
2.)  To keep the fun going, notice how people share insights with you. Know your audience & obstacles so you can overcome them.
3.)  If you are being strangled by everything and everyone around you (=stress), connect with Inner Guidance and regain a sense of self and inner knowing of how to manage your time, energy and outcomes, which brings peace. Translation: fun is restored. [Scroll down to continue reading.]

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Creating Fun With Intuition:

  • Start with some BREATHING to ENGAGE your Inner Guidance.
  • Obstacles to connecting to or receiving our Intuition – stress, doubt, overwhelm and NOT enough time….
  • Daily: What I get to wear?  the clothes (women) to connect to our feelings around the outside world/others, Accessories
    • Have fun with it! Let’s not analyze this.
    • Notice – what happens with it as you meet others? What happened? It keeps us in rapport with others, which leads to Trust
  • “I open to understand having fun with my Intuition! Then your intuition will be there for intuition.

When we are “strangled” with:

– duties at home

– jobs or school

– basically, there are expectations and demands from others, or from our life –even ourselves

What Do You Do When You Feel Strangled?

Self-Judgments drops your Energy Flow in your body and your intuition plummets! If we feel the projections of others, we could go into Self-Doubt.

Know your audience:  Who are you sharing your insight or intuition with?

How others perceive you can create conflicts with you. When people have doubts about you or don’t believe you, you may feel further strangled to stay in connection with our inner guidance.

You can experience fun while developing a relationship with your inner guidance.

  1. As parents, wanting to recognize and create fun with your child’s intuitive abilities
  2. How to recognize YOUR child’s abilities and prepare them
  3. CULTIVATING – When to practice or play with their child’s intuitive ability. Caution: don’t over do it = stressful for the child As children, getting to play with their abilities consider:
    1. “You can’t use your Mode because it’s cheating” (using telepathy or other psychic ability)
    2. Supportive parents really want their child to use their Mode

Another way of creating fun with intuition is to participate in Family Constellation work, which encompasses so many aspects of what we have discussed so far, so consider what family obstacles might exist:

  • Who in your family got the label as the intuitive one? For example, maybe Aunt Myrtle….is the bell-weather and no one else? Everybody has roles in the family and many times, to avoid comparing children, parents want their children to be unique.
  • Families also have Agreements that members go into because they don’t want to be a traitor to the family system. If you have difficulty being intuitive because, let’s just say you mom is a remarkable intuitive, it might be that suppressed your own abilities so as not to “compete” with her.

Constellations are a wonderful way to experience your intuition. Everyone has fun! Sensing goes on all levels from physical sensations to hearing words from the role to noticing all the inter relationships going on in the Knowing or Morphogenic Field. It is so much fun engaging with other representatives inside this field that feeds your intuition all that it needs to know.

We’re here to support you at any time that you feel you need someone to do some heavy lifting for you or a loved one. If you are not creating fun with intuition, consider what might be blocking it. We have a complimentary consultation that you may use to gain more clarity on your issue.

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