WOW, I have to say I am very impressed by the Leap of Consciousness Challenge. Each email presents another deep insight, which ticks the boxes of my own experiential understanding and brings a smile to my face. It’s obvious they could only come from people who have journeyed to the depths of their own Awareness. This will be a game changer because the Truth resonates at the deepest level and even, if at first reading it appears to go over some people heads, there are so many beautiful seeds here that will not fail to germinate and bear fruit for a huge amount of people. Congratulations to you Annie and Ashley, you are producing a masterpiece.

Pat Nolan, Ireland

We are super excited you are here!

We created 101 Consciousness Challenges that everyone may face while relating to themselves or others. The challenge was created for people to have a “thought experience” to recognize where they or others in their lives may struggle. These struggles may represent where we feel stuck in life and demonstrates where and how we can create the changes we choose to be! Essentially, giving us the opportunity to reframe our unconscious thinking patterns.

Each day for the next 101 days, you will receive an email with an image like the ones you see above, that will present a fun adventure, sharing how in our world we have an opportunity to reframe our thinking to reach new heights in our relationships.

Ready to take the Conscious Choice Challenge 101?  With this challenge, you can change your thinking and change the world!

The Conscious Choice Challenge 101 is precursory to our new revolutionary book being released soon called Leap of Consciousness.

With much gratitude,
Annie Kolatkar and Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN
Authors, Leap of Consciousness

Leap of Consciousness Remote Energy Self-Healing Meditation Course

Benefits Include

  • Connecting to your Inner Guidance for self-navigation creates peace and empowerment in life
  • Support for clearing consciousness challenges created from fear states with self-limiting beliefs
  • Access the awareness of self-judgments and navigate the release of self-limiting beliefs that drive fearful behavioral patterns
  • Improved relating creates deeper and more profound conversations and experiences with self, others and life
  • Taking a leap through conscious choice cultivates self-empowerment, which results in creating desirable life experiences.

We Support Your Leap of Consciousness

5-Part Comprehensive Program to Support Your Commitment to Raising Your Consciousness and Cultivate Profound Inner Peace.

  • Conscious Choice Challenge 101 – Inner Guidance platform for changing beliefs and fear-based thinking.
  • Transformational “Leap of Consciousness” videos – (12) 30-minute videos moving through obstacles and challenges, re-framing beliefs, supporting conflict resolution and so much more! You won’t want to miss a single episode! All are available in our Remote Energy Self-Healing Meditation Course.
  • Complimentary eBook on Empowerments
  • Leap of Consciousness Remote Transmission Energy Healing Program – Wed. 9PM your TimeZone!
  • Self-Healing Book – soon to be released!


Graphic of the Leap Method

“Eeeeeek!!! Those conscious choice challenge emails are gorgeous!!! This is EXACTLY the type of happy, healing vibe I want in my life!” -F.P., San Francisco, CA

Our Podcast, Choices Can Be Challenging shares about how we all experience Consciousness Challenges!

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