Unveiling the Truth – Releasing Little White Lies

Unveiling the truth creates health in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies. Your emotional needs are a priority. Knowing what they are is useful to walking the path of happiness.

Healing Your Soul With Family Constellation Therapy

Healing your soul with Family Constellation Therapy is a great first step for rediscovering your happiness. This beautiful soul work was developed by Bert Hellinger in Germany post WWII which I have enhanced it with other changework technologies from advanced energy...

Getting Stung: Victimized By Venom with Podcast Link

“Getting stung” leaves many feeling victimized by stinger and venom energies. Listen here to help you release, for good, the energies that attract attacks! Getting stung is the next part of our Victim and Perpetrator Podcast Series to help all of you release even more...

Victim and Perpetrator:  Removing Victim Energy From Your Personal Experience and the Planet.

In this post we will delve in to the depths of our human condition of Victim and Perpetrator. Included in this post is our News for the Soul radiocast episode of Self-Healing by Ashley Lee Healing, we discuss how victim and perpetrator are of the same energy or frequency, just two opposite sides of the same coin. Listen in to learn how to transform these energies running in the background of your life and transcend this state of awareness, for good!

Energy Exchanges – Reclaiming and Owning Our Power

Energy exchanges happen all day long and in many ways that are often hidden from our conscious mind leaving us to wonder why we feel so bad. When we have unconscious patterns of giving away our power, we drop those energy levels through the floor. Instead, we are...