Becoming Ridiculously Awesome by Meredith Herrenbruck

Becoming Ridiculously Awesome: Who Doesn’t Want That? by Meredith Herrenbruck sits proudly on all our book shelves as Meredith is one of our esteemed colleagues. This book is a goldmine of information about what is keeping you stuck, suppressing your innate happiness and causing you to wonder if you are ever going to realize your dreams. The good news is that this book reveals many hidden forces that can be cleared liberating you to embrace life and all it has to offer.

  • Overcome past obstacles and get yourself unstuck
  • Reshape your current lives
  • Plan for your future(s)
  • Free yourself from nightmares
  • Learn how to talk to yourself, eg, “what good will come to me if I do (or don’t do) this”
  • Learn how to ask yourself better questions, eg, “what would I like?”
  • Take back your power and create your own happiness and destiny

Becoming Ridiculously Awesome, Meredith HerrenbruckMeredith shares a long list of healing modalities that have helped many people. From Family Constellation Therapy, Entity Clearings, Huna Soul Journeys to Advanced Energy Healing to name a few. Her examples are powerful and loaded with energy healing.

Meredith is a wonderful teacher and guide. She is humble and compassionate and holds space for healing with grace and beauty. Everyone transforms their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies when taking in this incredible book’s consciousness. Meredith stands in her integrity having healed many of her own traumas from childhood. She brings deep understanding to her topics and makes the book easy to read, highly engaging and humorous.

Other Brain Integration Institute practitioners have made small but meaningful contributions to Meredith’s book, namely Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN, Annie Peterson-Kolatkar and Mike Peterson. All of us are grateful that Meredith took the time to write stories and assemble this life changing collection of wisdom.

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