Ascending With Annie Series

Join Annie Kolatkar as she brings you on a journey of conscious relating with self, others and life circumstances. This is an entire program designed to raise your consciousness to prepare you for working on the Quantum Level especially in conjunction with the Quantum Financial System. This series was hosted by Emily Tang, CEO of Quantum Stellar Initiative to support frustration-free experiences on Stellar Networks, Lobstr wallet and connecting to Inner Guidance when working with the system.

Raise Your Consciousness Series

2hr 43min

Raise Your Consciousness Series Q&A

1hr 48mins

Conscious Relating 

2hr 18min

Conscious Relating Q&A

2hrs 3min

Emotional & Energy Mastery 

1hr 59mins

Emotional & Energy Mastery Q&A

1hr 59mins

Make Wrong Consciousness

1hr 10

Make Wrong Consciousness Q&A

2hrs 21min

Perfectionism & Fear of Punishment


Perfectionism & Fear of Punishment Q&A


Creating The Life That You Intend 

1hr 44min 

Creating The Life That You Intend Q&A

2hrs 1min

Fears Behind Leadership


Fears Behind Leadership Q&A

2hrs 2min

Philanthrophy & Humanitarianism

1hr 58mins

Philanthrophy & Humanitarianism Q&A 

2hr 3min

Conscious Global Leadership

2hrs 7min 

Conscious Global Leadership Q&A


Conscious Global Business

2hrs 25min

Conscious Global Business Q&A

3hrs 23min

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Leap Through Your Consciousness

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  • $222 for the 12-weeks