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Benefits Include

  • Connecting to your Inner Guidance for self-navigation creates peace and empowerment in your life
  • Support for clearing consciousness challenges created from fear to create Inner Peace
  • Access the awareness of self-judgments and inner knowing to support the release of self-limiting beliefs that drives your behavioral patterns
  • Improved relating creates deeper and more profound conversations and experiences with self, others, and life
  • Taking a leap through your consciousness cultivates self-empowerment, which creates the life you choose to experience.

Your leap of consciousness is precious to us and the world. With open hearts, reaching the highest potentials of ourselves, we created this book for you to transcend all the perceiveable conflicts in your life. When your body is clear of conflicts, you begin to experience a life of “being free to be you, which is Love.”

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN

Author "Leap of Consciousness"

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“While remembering my True Nature of Love, all parts of me commit to creating a lifelong renewal of conscious choice to facilitate releasing fear patterns that distort my reality and those I relate to.” 

You are the proof you seek. Everything in your perceptual awareness was created by you. How you think, feel, respond, intuit, act and more is the direct result of your consciousness (thoughts, judgments, beliefs and projections). Decoding what is in your unconscious mind driving your experience has never been easier. Now you can learn about your thinking patterns so you can release the consciousness that is creating what you don’t want. Now that you are ready, things can change.

Annie Kolatkar

Author "Leap of Consciousness"

“I’m so glad you are writing this book! It sounds like a whole lotta common sense. I’m looking forward to reading it.”
C.D. -Accountant for a large media firm in Los Angeles

We so needed this today...

…Particularly today on the eve of tomorrow. BIG things, BIGGER LOVE, and synergy of the most amazing experiences we could ever hope to realize, let alone change the world in the process.
Honored doesn’t even remotely cover it. Totally in awe, SO glad our past experiences have led us to here and now. Gold medal match is fast approaching in our heart and mind. Godspeed…. At HIS speed, NOT mine.
Kinda of like graduation on steroids….
GO FLY, Launch her not a moment before the time in all of eternity.
In Gratitude and BIG ❤️ -Dan Thomas, CA

“Time Is A Liability Consciousness”

Wow! I’m learning there are many layers and possibilities to my thoughts and beliefs.  “Time is a liability consciousness” (I’m 65) and “what happens when I miss my opportunity” How do I resolve these two, please? (do I have only one shot at ascension to the new 5D earth?). Thank you for coaching me to dig deeper. -C. P., Telegram

Changing My Old Patterns For Sure!!

My thinking patterns have been up and down and the results show. Annie has been a huge help. Her posts are challenging and changing my old patterns for sure. -JC8, Telegram

Highly Sensitive Person Alert!

[…]I am meant to support and nurture others, as a humanitarian, philanthropist, artist with a sense of humor and an MBA. LOL. I am and will always be a work in progress. I have been described by Annie as a “highly sensitive person.” I like that. It fits with many experiences throughout my life. I am healing and slowly moving forward and trying to enjoy the process as I go. We will all find our way. I am enjoying each day and learning to take things slowly. Less control more flow is what I am striving for. I just wanted to share this because others may also not be sure of what is next and that is ok. It is an adventure! -M.Y., Telegram

Seeing Results and Very Motivated!

Annie, thank you and Thank Ashley for the wonderful insight you both provided today. Your guidance has been so amazing.  Today, for the first time ever, I drove all over this city from corner to corner and never cursed or looked over at someone, or shook my head, not once! I practiced calmness, breathing and I kept my positive energy flowing consciously. Everything seemed to flow perfectly today. I also spent all  day Sunday with a house full of family and I was completely at peace and relaxed. It was a beautiful day. I can’t remember the last time that there were so many people in our house, and I wasn’t stressed out at all, prior to, during or afterwards. Thank you so much.  I still have so much more to learn but I’m seeing results and that is very motivating. -CR, Telegram

[Leap of Consciousness on Telegram] is the best channel ever!

This is the best channel ever. Who would have thought that money could possibly be aligned with our spiritual being.   My grandmother was born in 1910’s. She lived a life of struggles and success too. She was incredibly wise, people came to her for advice all the time.  She used to say that money was evil and her words always stayed in my mind – Her message was deeper than the superficial message behind money specifically as evil and for many years I tried to understand it because I used to have a lot of money and then lost it all after getting involved in the truth movement as an Activist against big corporations.  Her words about money always came to my mind and NOW I can see exactly the blind spot of what she was seeing and many people were not like me. She was seeing how money was taking the wrong direction because of some people with power and not because money was evil itself. She was so wise to see what was happening in the world back then. Your channel had given me so much depth and wisdom to continue in this incredible times where challenges are big but our love and spirits keeps us enlightened to continue and help others.  Love to you -P. Kay, Telegram

My Soul Is Smiling

I can’t thank you enough for all your time, energy, talent, and love you have for all!!! When I listen to your videos I feel so many emotions and I truly allow myself to let them flow.  You are such an amazing person and your ability to help us learn and grown is such a gift!! I’m sharing your telegram room with others so that they too may experience this incredible feeling!! Emily and I were talking about how in the future money won’t have the same attachment as it does now, and the future currency will be feelings and vibration…how beautiful this will be!! I feel as though I have hit the jackpot by being able to witness and learn so much now that my soul is smiling…one of my favorite emotions is tears of joy and I get to let this feeling flow by feeling how we are all connected!! I hope you don’t mind my rambling lol…I’m just truly grateful for all that you do and I’m sending you much love and light!!
-Kathleen O, Telegram